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PRAB reports

The reports builds on data collected during protection monitoring activities and case referrals for legal remedies. Resorting to pushbacks as a means of protecting states' borders is illegal. States have the obligation, under the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights, to ensure that people can effectively seek asylum and to respect the principle of non-refoulement. States are further, under the same legal frameworks, prohibited from undertaking collective expulsions and required to treat each person with human dignity.

PRAB VIII: Pushbacks at Europe's borders: a continuously ignored crisis Jan 2024
1.1 MB
PRAB Overview 2023 Jan 2024
2.3 MB
PRAB VII: Surprisingly surprised Sep 2023
1002 KB
PRAB VI: What we do in the shadows May 2023
1.1 MB
PRAB V: Beaten, punished, and pushed back Jan 2023
2.0 MB
PRAB IV: When there’s a will, there’s a way to protection May 2022
1.4 MB
PRAB III: Human dignity lost at the EU's borders Dec 2021
2.0 MB
PRAB II: Doors Wide Shut Jul 2021
1.7 MB
PRAB I: Pushing Back Responsibility Apr 2021
866 KB
PRAB Overview 2021 Jan 2022
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About PRAB

The Protecting Rights at Borders (PRAB) initiative is formed by protection and legal aid organisations focusing on human rights compliance at the EU’s external and internal borders. The PRAB partners have well established field presence in the countries of operation enabling direct access to victims of pushbacks, as well as longstanding experience in strategic litigation.

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