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Chaos in Ukraine: We are there

The Danish Refugee Council is present in Ukraine with 230 employees. We remain in the country and are ready to continue our humanitarian work whenever possible.


Posted on 25 Feb 2022

"Our focus is the humanitarian consequences for the many people who are currently in the midst of chaos," says Charlotte Slente, Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council.

"The majority of our employees are Ukrainians themselves and of course influenced by what is happening in the country – but they are also ready to help in this horrific situation. Right now, we are closely following the situation and where we can access to help. It depends entirely on how the situation develops, but we are there and ready to respond to the humanitarian needs," stresses Charlotte Slente.

We will stay and deliver the necessary humanitarian aid

With almost three million people dependent on life-saving humanitarian aid, Ukraine was already a country with severe humanitarian needs.

"This will undoubtedly lead to dramatically increased humanitarian needs. Therefore, it is essential that both we and other organisations stay and deliver the necessary humanitarian aid. It is paramount that we ensure survival and basic relief, but also that people have access to cash or get a roof over their heads if they end up fleeing," says Secretary General Charlotte Slente.

Among others, the Danish Refugee Council coordinates with the UN World Food Programme to ensure that we are ready to distribute cash aid and other response to the humanitarian needs, both in Ukraine and other countries, to the extent that people seek refuge outside the country.

We are also ready in Denmark

Secretary-General Charlotte Slente appreciates the fact that neighbouring countries seem to be welcoming the many inhabitants currently fleeing Ukraine.

"It is important that both the nearest neighbours and all EU countries are willing to take in the Ukrainian refugees and provide them with shelter and protection. I understand that the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has said that Denmark will be ready to help. Of course, we are happy to hear that. Right now, our focus is on the millions of people who are in and around Ukraine, but if Ukrainian refugees come to Denmark, we are ready with legal counseling, just as both we and our many thousands of volunteers are ready with reception and special efforts," stresses Charlotte Slente.

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  • The conflict in Ukraine has been ongoing since spring 2014, when two autonomous republics were proclaimed in the eastern Donbass region.
  • More than 730.000 people are internally displaced as a result of the conflict, while one million people have fled Ukraine. An estimated 5.2 million people are affected by the conflict and 2.9 million are in need of some form of humanitarian aid.
  • The Danish Refugee Council has provided emergency aid, support for the repair and reconstruction of houses and carried out mine clearance work in Ukraine since the outbreak of the conflict in 2014. Since December 2021, we have helped over 150,000 people in Ukraine, with a focus on reaching those most affected by the conflict.
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