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DRC in Ukraine: NGO supported by DRC provides 3000 IDPs with hot meals daily

In Uzhhorod, western Ukraine, over 2-3.000 IDPs daily receive hot meals. Such aid for IDPs was organised by the local NGO, which is supported by DRC. The grant from DRC went entirely on products because the quantity of dishes daily prepared is massive.

Posted on 02 Jun 2022

As part of the response to the large-scale humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, DRC has supported more than 80 local NGOs. Some of them provide IDPs with kits of food and hygiene products, while others provide shelters or free meals. Among such organizations is the Christ Family Charitable Foundation in Uzhhorod city in western Ukraine.

"On the second day of the war, we set up this canteen. The volunteers helped with cooking and managing. But every day you need a lot of products to feed people", says Olena, project coordinator.

The premises used for the canteen are offered by a local business free of charge. However, buying the ingredients and resources needed is expensive due to the large number of dishes that are being cooked here every single day to serve people in need. For instance, they cook over 300 litres of soup.

“The grant from DRC was spent entirely on purchase of products,” tells Olena.

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