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DRC reached millions of people with crucial support in 2023

According to our newly published annual report the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) had a turnover of DKK 3.6 billion and reached millions of people with crucial support in 2023.

Posted on 04 Jun 2024

While DRC witnesses the incredible resilience and innovation of refugees every day, the global displacement situation is becoming bleaker every year - with more than 110 million displaced globally, including more than 36 million refugees.  

In 2023, several new crises emerged such as the war in Gaza and Sudan. Others continued - war in Ukraine, a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and Syria, devastating droughts in the Horn of Africa and floodings in South Sudan, Kenya, Libya, DR Congo and several other countries.  

“The global displacement situation seems unlikely to improve un the short term. Our staff works relentlessly to provide help to refugees and often under extremely difficult circumstances. DRC reached millions of people in 2023. The support provided ranged from acute emergency assistance addressing immediate needs and creating and supporting safer environments to interventions supporting livelihoods, stronger communities, and enhanced resilience to climate and conflict,” says DRC’s Secretary General Charlotte Slente. 

The year 2023 has highlighted the resilience of many, yet it has also underscored the ongoing struggles to get humanitarian access to those who remain hard to reach and marginalized. Improving protection of the hard-to-reach is a Strategic Programme Initiative in DRC’s Strategy, and in 2023, DRC remained committed to reaching hard-to-reach populations, particularly those isolated by geography or societal factors.  

However, amidst the backdrop of DRCs efforts lies a stark reality: despite an increase in overall humanitarian aid, there persists a gap between assistance provided and the escalating needs of affected communities.  

“Many crises continue to receive inadequate attention and funding, leaving millions without essential support or protection. Some of the world’s largest displacement crises such as those in the Sahel, Sudan, or Syria – just to name a few – are overlooked, with ongoing conflicts and recurring displacement going largely unnoticed by the international community. As attention wanes and resources dwindle, the imperative to advocate for those left behind becomes ever more urgent”, says Charlotte Slente. 

Addressing these challenges requires more than just reactive measures; it requires concerted efforts by the international community to tackle the root causes of conflict, instability, and climate change. Whether in Yemen, the Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Colombia or other protracted conflicts, sustainable solutions necessitate collective action and political engagement. Sustained support and attention are essential to addressing the root causes of war, violence, and displacement and creating long-term and durable solutions.   

As a displacement-mandated organization, DRC remains dedicated to supporting refugees throughout their displacement – with life-saving assistance to more longer-term support and access to a durable solution in more than 40 countries globally.   

Annual Reports
Annual Reports

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