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DRC's Multi-purpose Cash Assistance Empowering Women and Girls in South Sudan by Providing Access to Productive Resources

As we commemorate this year's International Women’s Day under South Sudan’s theme, “Accelerate Gender Equality through Inclusion and Access to productive resources for women and girls,” stories like Sara's exemplify the impact of Multi-purpose Cash Assistance (MPCA) by DRC in South Sudan.

Akur Becky

Posted on 08 Mar 2024

Sara, a 31-year-old single mother of six, was forced to flee her home in Upper Nile State due to internal conflict. Arriving in Malakal town and settling in Assossa, Sara and her children were left with nothing and nowhere else to turn. In early 2023, Sara reported to DRC's protection desk in Assosa, and later, she was selected by the Economic Recovery department as a beneficiary eligible for cash assistance based on DRC's vulnerability criteria. 

Through DRC MPCA with funding from European Union, Humanitarian Aid, Sara received the financial support she needed to feed and care for her children. With this support, she was able to  access basic necessities, and with accumulation of her savings, she has been able to rebuild her livelihood and even send her children to school. 

Despite the challenges she faced, Sara never lost hope. She used the other half of the cash assistance from MPCA to start a small vegetable business in the local market, ensuring a sustainable income to support her family.  She went from being displaced and helpless to an independent woman solely caring for her family. 

Multi-purpose Cash Assistance (MPCA) is one of the emergency response initiatives by DRC. Despite its initial purpose, MPCA has had lasting positive effects and has become a vital channel for empowering women and girls across South Sudan. This approach not only addresses immediate financial needs but also promotes financial independence and decision-making power among women. By providing cash directly to women, MPCA enables them to meet diverse needs such as food, shelter, education, and healthcare for themselves and their families. 

Additionally, MPCA helps alleviate the suffering of displaced persons, fostering a sense of dignity and self-reliance among women and girls in South Sudan. Through MPCA, DRC is not only providing financial support but also nurturing the resilience and agency of women and girls, ultimately leading to long-term positive change in their lives and communities. 

Sara, a beneficiary to DRC MPCA in Malakal

 When I was considered for DRC MPCA, I was very happy. With this money, I was able to buy some basic needs for my family. However, I had to invest some capital in business from the savings I made. I sell vegetables and some basic items in the market now, and I am able to get a daily income to support my family. Currently, my children are enrolled in school here in Malakal

/  Sara, a beneficiary to DRC MPCA in Malakal

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