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Driving Positive Change through Sustainable Initiatives

The people residing in Unity State have been confronted with significant challenges over the course of several years, stemming from a combination of ongoing conflicts and frequent flooding.

Lakoyo Shakira

Posted on 08 Apr 2024

These adversities have had a profound impact on their ability to sustain themselves and fulfill their basic needs, resulting in displacement and an enduring struggle for survival within the state. Consequently, there has been a substantial reliance on humanitarian aid.

These hardships have significantly hindered the vulnerable population’s capacity to support themselves and meet their essential requirements, perpetuating a continuous cycle of poverty, limited opportunities, and dependency on aid in the state.

The DRC Food for Asset Assistance project, generously funded by the World Food Programme (WFP), serves as a vital support system for local farmers in Unity State.

In recognition of their agricultural efforts, these farmers receive a much-needed support of $27 every six months.

This initiative not only provides financial aid but also offers an opportunity for these farmers to rebuild their lives and regain their livelihoods.

Through this project, the farmers are equipped with the necessary resources to overcome the challenges they face and restore their communities, ensuring food security.

Moreover, it fosters resilience and self-sufficiency among these farmers, enabling them to thrive in the long term. 

Nyakuom, a hopeful 40-year-old farmer, and her brother have recognized the potential presented by this project. They have relied on their hectare of land to sustain their family and the community for 4 years now.

Throughout the year, they produce a diverse range of crops, including succulent tomatoes, eggplants, nutritious okra, sweet potatoes, and pigeon peas, all thanks to their unwavering dedication. 

Despite the challenging circumstances, such as pests that have been detrimental to their crops, Nyakuom’s most recent harvest was successful.

Undeterred by setbacks caused by these pests, she actively seeks out skills and knowledge to implement effective pest control measures, safeguarding her crops and that yielded an impressive sum of 500,000 South Sudanese Pounds, a remarkable achievement.

With these earnings, they were able to provide for their families, enhance their livelihoods, and acquire a substantial generator to facilitate the irrigation of their farm by drawing water from the river Nile.

This harvest represented more than mere success; it exemplified the power of hard work, dedication, and the opportunities afforded by the Food for Asset Assistance project. 

Nyakuom's daily routine reflects her strong dedication to farming and her commitment to providing for her family and community.

She wakes up at 5:00 AM every morning, eager to start the day and tend to her crops. Alongside her brother, she carefully weeds and waters the plants, ensuring they receive the care they need to thrive.

Throughout the day, she stays vigilant, protecting her crops from the potential damage caused by roaming goats and cows.

Nyakuom's hard work exemplifies the resilience and determination of women in agriculture, highlighting the need for more training and mechanization to enhance productivity and ease the physical demands of farming work. 

As the current season draws to a close, Nyakuom’s fields continue to thrive, instilling hope within her for even greater yields in the future. 

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