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Greece: Access to quality education for refugee children 

Millions of children worldwide are displaced from their homes, seeking refuge and safety – alone or with family members. Amidst their struggle for survival, education often takes a backseat, leaving them vulnerable to a future of uncertainty and limited opportunities – including in Greece that has seen a decrease in support to refugee children.

Posted on 29 Aug 2023

In the heart of Greece, hope flickered to life as a collaboration was forged between DRC and the local Education Above All (EAA) foundation. EAA is a foundation dedicated to promoting equal access to education and fostering positive, sustainable, and inclusive changes worldwide. In collaboration with DRC, the EAA learning packages were carefully designed to cater to the unique challenges faced by displaced children, addressing their trauma and emotional needs while imparting essential knowledge.  

With the support of EAA, DRC's non-formal education teams stepped forward to introduce innovative learning packages with themes such as Numeracy, My Host Country, Life Skills, and Socio-Emotional Learning. These educational resources not only impart knowledge but also nurture crucial life skills and emotional intelligence and resilience, enabling the children to thrive. 

‘Education is not just about learning math, science, or literature. It is also about empowering children with the tools they need to recover and rebuild their lives and contribute positively to society. Education offers a sense of normalcy and stability to those whose lives have been affected by conflict and disaster. It provides a safe space to explore, discover, and dream of a brighter future,’ says Christina Papatheodorou, DRC Country Director in Greece. 

EAA offers comprehensive curricula that are freely accessible and open to anyone interested. The resources and learning packages are made available online and present an opportunity for children to explore diverse themes and focus on their individual interests during their free time and in addition to formal schooling programmes. 

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