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Greece: Celebrating friendship in a music video by refugee children

Posted on 11 Sep 2023

The DRC team working with non-formal education in the northern part of Greece has brought together 20 refugee children in a unique music project. Students originating from five countries on three continents - Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Türkiye, and Sudan - were invited to unleash their creativity and jointly compose their own song. This music project was intended to serve as a platform for self-expression and collaboration.  

Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, the children collectively decided that ‘friendship’ should be the theme of their song. Using tablets and digital tools, the group immersed themselves in the world of music, experimenting and crafting unique melodies and harmonies for what eventually became the final version of their song and video.

Sonic Rhymes

A music video made by refugee children hosted in Greece

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