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New report: 120m people forced to flee globally

According to UNHCR’s annual Global Trends Report, the number of people forcibly displaced worldwide now exceeds 120 million.

Posted on 13 Jun 2024

Statement by DRC's Secretary General Charlotte Slente:

"The figures are alarming. Year upon year, millions of women, children and men are forced to flee their homes and leave everything behind. This clearly shows that we are failing to address the root causes of displacement such as wars and conflicts, climate change, persecution and lack of rights."

"We must face up to the fact that these crises will not go away by themselves without action and increased engagement from the international community addressing the root causes of displacement. The protection of refugees and displaced persons must be a global commitment, and the challenges related to global displacement can only be addressed through enhanced international cooperation and solidarity. Solidarity is imperative for improving the situation."

"The figures show that it is no use closing our eyes and believing that crises will disappear by themselves. Long-term conflicts continue to create displacement, and today’s figures should be a call to the international community and decision-makers at all levels to step up diplomatic efforts and financial support. Action is needed now."

"We must continue to support the inclusion agenda to ensure better access to rights and services where refugees are hosted through conducive policies and practices which enable them to work and contribute to both their own growth and to the sustainable development of the societies which host them."

Find UNHCR's Global Trends Report here

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