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Noura’s pursuit for excellence: A story of hope and resilience

Noura's story is one of hope and resilience. Despite her challenges, Noura remains determined to pursue her education and achieve her dreams. Her grandmother, Amina, is her only family and together they lived in Alref Alshargi, South Kordofan state, Sudan. Her family's financial situation made it impossible for her to remain in school as they struggled to make ends meet. The cost of school fees, uniforms, and supplies was out of reach for Noura and her grandmother.

Abdalla Osman Baika

Posted on 28 Mar 2023

Written by Rose Mwelu

Fortunately, Noura's life took a positive turn when a DRC supported Community Based Protection Network identified her and her grandmother Amina as good candidates to receive assistance.

The family was provided with school fees and supplies, and Amina received a small grant to help her start a small business where she sells charcoal and other items in her community, providing them with a modest income to support their family needs.

Thanks to the support, Noura was able to return to school and continue her education. She is now able to pursue her dreams of becoming a police officer.

Noura's grandmother Amina is also grateful for the support they received. She is proud to see her granddaughter getting an education and working towards her goals.

Nawal Abbas Gamer

DRC works with internally displaced people and host community populations in South Kordofan, delivering activities in emergency response, protection, food security and livelihoods, and mine action sectors.

The support provided to Amina and Noura was made possible by DRC with funding from the European Union Humanitarian Aid (ECHO). The support is vital in supporting vulnerable communities and providing them with the resources they need to thrive.

Noura's story is a reminder of the power of education to change lives and the importance of supporting those in urgent need.

Despite the challenges she faced, Noura remained determined to pursue her dreams, and with the help of DRC, she is now on her way to achieving them.

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