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Reaction to the deadly storm in Eastern Libya

A violent storm and subsequent flooding have caused immense destruction in Libya. DRC’s Secretary General has issued the following statement:

Posted on 12 Sep 2023

"Only days after at the destructive earthquake in Morocco, disaster strikes again – this time in Libya in the form of a violent storm causing extensive flooding, seeming to be claiming lives at an unbelievable scale – with an expected death toll of 10,000 by some accounts. This is absolutely horrific, and here in DRC our hearts go out to everyone affected.

Unlike in Morocco, DRC is already present in Libya. Our staff here tells us that the extent of destruction is nothing less apocalyptic: Half of Derna city has been wiped off the map and the extent of the devastation will leave scars in the region for decades.

As DRC already works with a significant number of internally displaced persons in the affected areas, our staff there has sprung to immediate action to support the rescue operations and alleviate the suffering. DRC is currently coordinating with the local authorities, the UN and the NGOs for the emergency response.

DRC is mobilizing teams to respond to the critical protection, shelter, wash and humanitarian mine action needs.

The staff is preparing to provide psychosocial first aid and support, shelter kits including kitchen sets and basic items, hygiene kits, individual protection assistance and risk education for humanitarian workers and internally displaced people, to be delivered upon accessibility of the affected areas.

We are currently reaching out to donors for emergency funding. We strongly encourage you to support the recovery efforts as the needs will be immense.

DRC itself has not been spared by the flooding. We are deeply saddened that a Libyan colleague of ours lost his life in Derna, while selflessly taking part in rescue efforts. We salute his efforts and honor his memory."

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