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Rebuilding Hope: A Father's Journey from Natural Shock

As the new Gu rain season brings fresh challenges to Somalia, this success story from 2023 highlights the importance of a comprehensive response that addresses diverse needs when emergencies arise, demonstrating how multifaceted support can significantly mitigate the impact of such crises on vulnerable communities.

Posted on 14 May 2024

Gebihey, a 62-year-old disaster-affected laborer, is a proud father of six children, three girls and three boys. His journey to Nasib IDP camp began in February 2023 due to a severe drought. Formerly a herdsman, Gebihey faced adversity when the drought in 2022 wiped out his entire herd. Forced to find alternative ways to support his family, he turned to harvesting trees for sale and collecting firewood.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck when his wife and youngest daughter passed away during their arrival at Nasib IDP camp. Additionally, his third baby boy fell seriously ill. Thanks to the Individual Protection Assistance (IPA) for transportation to Gargar hospital in Beletweyne district and to cover medicine, he received necessary treatment and made a full recovery.

Upon arriving at Nasib IDP camp, Gebihey and his family received a warm welcome from DRC outreach workers and the Camp Management Committee members who are responsible to welcome new arrivals to the camp, induct them to the communities in the camp, direct site to settle the new arrival and report to the respective camp managed organization. After registration, he received for his family an Integrated First Line Response (IFLR) kits composed of 4 laundry soaps, 3 body soaps, 2 jerrycans, 1 white bucket, 1 plastic wash basin, 20 aqua tabs, 1 aluminum scupper and 1 pack of sanitary pads as well as multipurpose cash assistance for 3 months.

In fact, my family's life changed a lot after I lost my wife and youngest child. Indeed, DRC stood with me by providing my family with three months' multipurpose cash, sleeping mats, blankets, water storage containers, hygiene and sanitation kits, shelter kits, and water for daily domestic use. This assistance provided all the basic needs for my family.

/  Gebihey

Finding Strength in Adversity: Gebihey's Journey

With the cash assistance received, Gebihey provided food, clothes, and essential needs for his family. He also managed to repay his debts to local shop owners near the IDP camp. Gebihey's livelihood significantly improved, and he no longer worried about his children's food security.

From March to August 2023, around 350 conflict and drought-affected households from various districts such as Beletweyne and Buleburte benefited from DRC's integrated first-line response. The project aimed to save lives and improve the living conditions of internally displaced people in 31 DRC-managed camps.

Newly displaced households received multisectoral support, including multipurpose cash, WASH, SNFI, and protection, thanks to DRC's partnership with the European Union. The response played a crucial role in assisting crisis-affected households in Hirshabelle state, providing a lifeline for those facing severe humanitarian crises due to conflicts, floods, and droughts.

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