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The scoping forestry project

DRC Uganda is pursuing a scoping exercise to explore and develop a business case for large-scale forestry projects that contribute to environmental conservation and reforestation efforts, strengthen community resilience. In addition, the aim is to understand if and how projects can be powered by carbon credit revenues in refugee-hosting districts.

Posted on 22 Aug 2023

Reaching large-scale forestry projects

DRC in East Africa has been exploring how to develop environmental and forestry project approaches that have the potential to reach large-scale environmental impact that benefits refugee hosting districts.

Reforestation and resilience

DRC Uganda will work with a private company that can provide the missing skills, using approaches already readily available, where environment companies actively engage in and fund project development if they can see the revenue potential from future carbon credit sales.

By bringing a project development partner onboard with existing links to climate finance, an understanding of the process and by jointly conducting a scoping exercise in Uganda (West Nile and Southwest regions), DRC will be able to develop an approach that is viable, uniquely displacement/refugee-focused and linked to a new innovative financing model.

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