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DRC has been present in Djibouti since 2015, operating in Ali-Addeh, Holl-Holl, and Markazi refugee camps as well as Djibouti city. DRC remains a major actor in the current Djiboutian context, working closely with the Government of Djibouti, UN agencies and other stakeholders in the delivery of humanitarian and development assistance to the crisis-affected populations in the country.

22 Jun 2023

Hope away from home: Rahwa's Pursuit of a Better Life

Displacement trends

Source: | UNHCR

Core sectors Djibouti

Economic Recovery
Humanitarian Disarmament and Peacebuilding
Shelter and Settlements
Camp Coordination and Camp Management

Why we are there

As a humanitarian and development partner, DRC’s presence remains relevant given the increasing needs on the ground.

Djibouti’s situation of crisis-affected populations comprising refugees, migrants and vulnerable host communities falls within the ambit of DRC’s mandate, mission and vision.

This is coupled with the fact the DRC’s core sectors, especially economic recovery, protection, shelter & settlement programmes, continue to be relevant in the current Djiboutian context.

With few INGOs currently on the ground, DRC's work to complement initiatives from government and other stakeholders cannot be overemphasized.  

What we do

DRC Djibouti’s programme responses are in line with its core sectors. Due to limited funding opportunities in the country, DRC focuses on individual protection assistance, economic recovery and shelter and settlement programming. 

Programme interventions have been developed to address and respond to the needs of targeted beneficiaries, including refugees, migrants and vulnerable host communities.


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