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Poland | Pomorskie Voivodeship: Protection Monitoring Analysis

As part of its protection response and to inform programming DRC in partnership with OVUM Association has monitored protection risks affecting the displaced population currently residing mainly in the smaller urban areas of the Pomorskie Voivodship, Poland. Pomorskie is ranked the 6th voivodship that most Ukrainian refugees reside in with 67,826 active PESEL registrations. Also, approximately 9,000 citizens of Belarus live in Pomorskie voivodship which makes it the third most often chosen voivodship after Mazowieckie and Podlaskie. This report provides an overview of key challenges faced by the displaced population in 2023, focusing on protection risks related to access to safe and adequate accommodation, labor exploitation, barriers in access to documentation and administrative procedures and risks to social cohesion affecting adults and youth.

Protection monitoring analysis - English version Mar 2024
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Protection monitoring analysis - Polish version Mar 2024
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Protection monitoring analysis - Ukranian version Mar 2024
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