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Digital jobs in Kenya with Amazon Web Services​

Together with Amazon Web Services, DRC is working with refugees to enhance digital skills and understanding, so enable access to gig economy and digital work opportunities.

Posted on 01 Feb 2023

Digital skills in high demand

DRC is exploring whether refugees can access decent digital jobs​ and whether intensive digital training, such as coding, can be provided in refugee settings and camps to increase specialized skillsets to employable levels that in turn can enable access to new livelihoods and job opportunities​. This level of digital training have never been carried out in a refugee camp setting before.

Digital jobs for refugees

In general, there are limited descent work opportunities in refugee camp settings, and generally its difficult to get access to education and training for camp based refugees in order to learn new, more marketable skills. Some job-training are provided, but its too low level for people to access meaningful decent work. Therefore, this initiative aim to provide refugees with high-level digital skills, which will open doors for them get employment that can be worked from anywhere in the world - even from a refugee camp. 

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Regional Programme Innovation Coordinator - East Africa and Great Lakes


Muriuki Muriithi

Programme Development and Quality Manager - Kenya

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