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Dream big, go hard and never give up! Abdirahman’s pursuit to success intensifies

Abdirahman, 25 years old, was born in Somalia and is the firstborn in a family of 6 people. His father, who is elderly now, takes care of the family. He is unemployed and they currently survive on whatever small they get. They came to Kenya as refugees in search of a better life. Abdirahman went to school in Dadaab camp, Kenya but never managed to pursue his studies further due to financial constraints. He come to Nairobi, Kenya to scout for opportunities that would help him fund his studies. His goal is to pursue computer science, get a well-paying job and elevate his family from poverty.

Abdirahman receives his certificate from Generation Kenya after successfully completing his digital skills training.

Posted on 31 Jan 2023

Written by Amina Mohamed

A man with a dream

In 2022, he applied and got the opportunity to participate in Danish Refugee Council’s (DRC) digital skills training program that is funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

This was a life-changing opportunity for him because it would get him one step closer to actualizing his dream career.

After receiving the training, he was able to secure an online job that enabled him to support his family financially.

This opportunity is serving as a gateway to his financial freedom and career progression as he hopes to pursue computer science in the near future.

The future looks brighter

The future looks brighter

In November 2022, Abdirahman enrolled at Generation Kenya, DRC's partner organization, together with 49 other students to further pursue a course in digital skills.

Abdirahman has actively expressed the desire to widen his skills, as he proactively visits the cybercafé in his neighborhood to practice and learn more.

The digital skills course has widened his experience in virtual assistance, artificial intelligence, machine learning, writing, digital marketing, online safety, among other skills.

His training has widened his scope, exposing him to opportunities in call center management, transcription, virtual assistance, data entry, and digital marketing.

I am passionate about technology and this is a life-changing opportunity for me to earn a living. I want to be a mentor and help my fellow brothers in Dadaab to acquire the same skills and help them to become independent as well. That's my goal In sha Allah (God willing).

/  Abdirahman - a refugee from Somalia

Light at the end of the tunnel
Abdirahman, together with his fellow students cut a celebratory cake during their graduation on 9th, December 2022.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Through the UNHCR-funded project, students are reimbursed for transport to and from school making it easier for them to attend classes and plan their weekly expenditures.

As a refugee, Abdirahman has experienced a lot of police harassment and a lack of access to viable opportunities. He is however determined to help refugees jump the hurdle and hopes for equal treatment for all. 

Through the training, he got the opportunity to mingle with people from different and diverse backgrounds enabling him to create more awareness on issues affecting refugees in his community. He finally got his permit to pursue his education and plans to continue working towards his dream career in computer science.

He is now utilizing the knowledge acquired from the digital skills course and plans to start bidding with his Upwork account, a marketplace that helps freelancers and professionals find projects like writing, graphic design and web development.

This will help him build his career and give him an opportunity to support his family financially. He is looking forward to acquiring more skills and finding a marketable job.

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