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Safe Migration Information is critical for Ukrainians on the move

A critical role of the Ukrainian Diaspora in mixed migration is to provide information that is relevant and credible for displaced Ukrainians. DRC works with partners and diaspora across Europe to equip vulnerable individuals with information along the migration routes.


Posted on 21 Jun 2023

In the past year, DRC’s Diaspora Programme in cooperation with DRC Poland has partnered with four Ukrainian diaspora organisations across Europe – in Germany, Poland, Italy, and Denmark. Their collective efforts have focused on raising awareness about protection risks associated with migration. 

With more than 8 million Ukrainians displaced across border since February 2022, their diaspora plays a crucial role in providing credible and context-based protection information. This information helps them make better informed decisions before and during their migration journeys. 

‘With this initiative, we have seen once more how members of the diaspora are able to play a critical role as sources of information in ways that are accepted culturally and sensitive to language barriers.  And the information is essential to help vulnerable displaced Ukrainians in being well-informed about protection risks, their rights. They get access to trustworthy information not least about services related to sexual exploitation, gender-based violence, and human trafficking,’ tells Annette Christensen, DRC Diaspora Project Coordinator. 

The diaspora organisations have developed comprehensive informational materials for social media and offline community events on these topics, offering guidance on how to report suspected cases, who to contact for assistance, and other relevant resources. 

The current phase of the project ends in June 2023, but DRC works to secure additional funding to continue and further extend the close engagement with the Ukrainian diaspora in protection and humanitarian assistance.

Learn more about the project here

Protection Information video produced by DRC partner in Poland: Związek Ukraińców w Polsce Об'єднання Українців у Польщі | Facebook  

Protection Information material produced by DRC partner in Germany: Cловесна агресія, як діяти? (Hate Speech - Hassrede) (ukr-dim.de)

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