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Teaching youth in Serbia about gender-based violence and rights

Among the activities implemented by DRC in Serbia are efforts that aim at raising awareness about human rights and gender-based violence. The project works through informal educational initiatives targeting young adolescents and take place at Asylum and Reception Centres, where young migrants and refugees are hosted.


Posted on 21 Jun 2023

No questions or answers are right or wrong – that is  principle introduced to the participants by DRC in Serbia from the onset of each session. The initiative targets young adolescents and promotes fundamental values and skills, including respect, tolerance, freedom of expression, and open communication, while embracing diverse perspectives. Participants learn about human rights and how they apply to all people everywhere.  

Focus is on facilitating mutual learning and fostering respect for different viewpoints, encouraging young participants to delve deeper and broaden their understanding of gender issues and gender-based violence.  

"Many of the participants who live at the Reception Centres, come from backgrounds where they have lived through hardship in different ways. They are new to Serbia and to European values, and often face a multitude of challenges in adapting. Through the workshops, we empower these young individuals to consider human rights and the dangers of gender-based violence - and we enable them to share the knowledge they have acquired within their own communities and among their peers," tells Ivana Milanovic Djukic, Country Director for DRC Serbia.  

Considering the diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds of the participants, each workshop meticulously takes into account the cultural context of the young attendees, as well as any prior experiences and knowledge relevant to the topic of the discussion.  

In collaboration with UNICEF, as part of the 'Support to refugee and migrant children and their families in Serbia' project, DRC Serbia carries out various activities with the objective of raising awareness and encouraging youth engagement in discussions related to the prevention and response to gender-based violence. These activities include the distribution of dignity kits containing information materials to raise awareness about gender-based violence, as well as sessions and workshops focusing on specific topics.  

The significance of these activities are acknowledged by the young adolescents who participate, demonstrating their constructive influence. Furthermore, parents have expressed appreciation for the workshops as well, recognising the strong positive impression they have left on their children.  

DRC Serbia plans to continue the activities to encourage young people to reflect on human rights and the risks associated with gender-based violence. 

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